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Dien Rice
April 29, 2019, 02:28 AM
Hi Gordon,

You asked a little while ago why some people get so caught up in the analysis paralysis, that they never take action...

(Sheepishly raises hand...) That's me - at least sometimes!

(I do get things done, but not as effectively as I probably should!)

I've been thinking about this lately, and I do think it's due to NOT following the "Ready... Fire... Aim" philosophy!

Sometimes, you just want things to be perfect... You want to do the absolute right thing. You don't want to make any mistakes!

But... the problem then, can be, things never get done.

Instead, I believe a better approach (which I'm working on) is to get comfortable with "launching" without being completely ready!

It's similar to the "Always Be Shipping" approach used in software startups...

It has some relation to the "Minimum Viable Product" concept...

The idea is, start selling, even if it's not (yet) perfect. Then, keep improving as you get feedback and experience...

Or, take action FIRST!

At least you've gotten started... and you're taking action!

I have a very talented friend, very smart. He's a lawyer, and can write up contracts like you can't believe. (A very useful skill for an entrepreneur...)

But, I've noticed this in him. He has trouble "pulling the trigger" and getting things "launched" for his business projects. He'll plan amazingly. Do the deals necessary to get things happening. But then, he has trouble actually launching, even when everything's in place... I feel he has this trouble I've described...

Of course, I think this advice is true for most businesses, but not all. If your business could result in life or death, then it's different (because the cost of failure is then very high). For example, if you're building airplanes, or making drugs to cure disease, you don't want to kill people due to a faulty product...

But otherwise, I think "Ready... Fire... Aim!" is the best way to go!

I'm going to practice it myself... :)

Best wishes,

(Always trying to improve!)

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