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May 28, 2019, 10:45 AM
OK. Why do so many struggle with small businesses when offering services to them, when I just stated there is MONEY to be spent?

I think it is because of two things, the targets we choose, and the reason we choose those is a lack of confidence.

Take the CHALK BOARD PROFITS (or any selling of adverting to small businesses). A story heard over and over and over when one calls upon a business to offer advertising is LACK OF FUNDS.

Which is always a ready and handy excuse NOT to do anything.

The billboards in my area are never blank for very long. And they cost several thousand dollars for a month. A lot of Realtors with 7 to 10 pics of their agents, who each probably contribute to the expense.

And a lot of it comes down to attitude and understanding what you offer...those guys who think they are selling an ad to a business don't do well in any of these things.

The guys who offer HELP to a business which brings in more customers for them will thrive. All about ATTITUDE.

I know people and have talked to a few here, who won't call upon doctors or dentists or insurance companies, out of fear of rejection.

And others thriving by ONLY calling on the businesses with the money to invest.

When we ran the TITANIC ads, or sent out the LEGENDS OF COUNTRY MUSIC we were offering, at that time, a pretty high end exclusive EVENT. The ads were targeted, and then refined, and even those NON attendees, were given a chance to participate, via a trinket or two, like a lump of coal, or a CD.

But the LISTS mailed to were lists of people with the money to spend.

I see so many people struggle with their IM, because they choose a poor market, trying to sell to people who don't have much money to begin with, when it is much easier to BEGIN from a point of choosing your targets who can afford what you offer.

With the CHALK BOARD program, four ads will give you $1,000.00 PROFIT and this goes (or should go) without saying, TAXES are always your responsibility and are never figured into sales figures.

But, here is a simple test. If you are out and about, look for billboards in your area, and note who is spending money on them, and get the local mail, weekly flyers, coupon mags etc. to identify BUSINESSES with money to advertise.

I'll give you an example from my past, GOLF CLUBS, I would have a set of custom made golf clubs made for my students, for about 1200 bux. Or twice the price of a good set they could buy at the pro shop. Were my clubs any better? I thought so, cause each one was measured and made to match the swings.

Surprisingly, I had too many orders, it was a couple of month process...so I adapted my approach to making CUSTOMIZED specialty clubs, drivers, putters, wedges. Much quicker to do with a short turn around.

But I had the TARGET market, people with the money to spend.

CHOOSE people with the money to spend, on whatever business you are in and your bottom line will astound you too.


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