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May 28, 2019, 10:28 AM
Nothing like a fighter jet to wake you up, even if you are standing tall at a Parade. Only two flew over, but what a rumble.

So, last night at the Monday Riverfront Cruisein https://www.riverfrontcruisein.com/

was MUSCLE CAR Monday. I saw several people I knew, including one pretty rich guy, who I've worked with before, and he was talking about making deals into the tens of thousands of dollars for NOSTALGIA CAR collectors.

We got to talking, and this came up (because it was on my mind due to a post at Warrior Forum) and thought one or two of you might find it interesting.

Almost a decade ago, I was working hard on what was dubbed the Ben/Harvey project, the gist of it was: TWO very successful Entrepreneurs HELPING other high net worth execs to build a bigger business. Then, there was the trickle down information products that would come out of this.

The project was put on hold, then canceled but all the work I did on it, well, it paid off for me.

Back in the late 80's Jay Abraham ran his famous long sales letter insert in Entrepreneur Magazine for his PROTEGE program, where people could spend 15 or 20 thousand dollars to attend his exclusive mentoring/marketing program. At the time, it was creating quite the stir, 20 THOUSAND DOLLARS for a seminar/workshop was FRANCHISE type money. I believe Glenn Osborn has attended several of these.

But it wasn't the only one, or the first. Joe Sugarman did his RETREAT in the mountains, and as memory serves, that was over 20k too.

Dan Kennedy used to get 18k (I think) for his Platinum Inner Circle, and so on and so on.

During the late 80's and early 90's Ben grew SCI from around a 10 million a year company to a 100 million dollar company, ASTOUNDING growth, and amazing results.

To take a company from 10 million to 15 million in one year would be an A++ Job Well Done. To continue that sort of growth for several years...well, astounding.

That was the basic idea behind the Ben/Harvey project, to find those people who wanted that type of growth. Put on exclusive workshops and have a retainer while they implemented their programs. And what worked for the bigger companies could then be applied to smaller ones, and even to the mom and pop operations who wanted rapid growth.

So, my Muscle car friend has attended those types of exclusive "RETREATS", and surprisingly they are much more common that most of us realize. Any given week, someone somewhere is hosting an exclusive seminar where attendees have paid thousands of dollars to attend.

OH, saw today that Mackenzie Bezos plans on giving half of her 37 BILLION DOLLARS to charitable causes.

Give 18 Billion away and still have 18 Billion...for what I wonder?

To my point: there are people with MONEY out there, guys spending tens of thousands of dollars on their toys (almost all old car junkies have more than one in their garages), on their good deeds, and ON THEIR BUSINESSES.

What we may think on a daily basis is very small potatoes compared to what takes place in the business world.

I asked Bob last night what would or was the motivation to drop 20k bux on a workshop, and he said...EXPERIENCE. And he cited Ben when he made the move to Whipple from the old building because he outgrew it. Because he saw the growth, he wanted to know the HOW.

When I worked at SCI they had over 700 full time employees and as many as a 1000 for the holidays. Humming along profits pouring in.

The TITANIC project was a huge hit, the NASCAR event, the COUNTRY MUSIC event were all new ideas while the jewelry biz continued to grow as did the collectibles division. Heady times for many indeed.

When I had my golf shop, many of my students were country club members and there was a lot of money, and advice which had to be taken with grains of salt, especially when LUCK was as much a factor as expertise.

But it is the EXPERTISE OF SUCCESS which people want, and if you pick the right target market will pay some pretty big coin to get.

IF one has systems or methods which can be duplicated, systems which can be applied to their businesses and which have success behind them.

Now not all the car collectors are wealthy guys, but some of them are, and it is good to get out and around MONEY, to rub shoulders with people who think that 25k for a workshop or seminar is a GREAT investment.

Some doctors will spend that to get in on the latest techniques or methods to keep people young, an EVERGREEN market, and they will get that 25 thousand dollar investment back very quickly.

So today, THINK BIGGER, look to the skies, hear the rumble and roar of success...there is a lot of money out there, and there are thousands of businesses on the cusp of ASTOUNDING growth, help them achieve it, you'll be glad you did.


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