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July 21, 2019, 07:09 PM
Glenn Osborn is well known for QUALIFYING people to join his groups, or sometimes, to even be allowed to buy his products.

What you think is stupid is irrelevant, note that thousands of people have written haikus. It is CIALDINIism, Commitment and consistency. It is the small yes in the sales funnel. It is the head nod of NLP.

YOU are not his market, having people DO something, is a throwback to the involvement device on the direct mail pieces of yesterday (putting a sticker or marking something, or whatever to get them involved).

See Rick, he won't waste his time TRYING to sell you, those who follow directions are already stepping through HIS door, sliding down his funnel.

I wish I would have adopted this strategy 20 years ago.

The difference between a guy who sends a stamp or pays a dollar vs the FREEBIE seeker has a huge lifetime value.

Seriously, Haiku? The easiest type or poetry to write, if you have nothing to say, and he even gives you the topic.

Not saying you should or shouldn't, just saying, IT WORKS FOR HIM.


I get the point of asking people to qualify to join his group. I just think asking people to write a haiku about a walrus is stupid. Why not ask them to write something about copy?


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