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July 20, 2019, 01:12 PM
My first ONLINE product, stored on a 5.25 floppy disk, it was HOW TO START A CULT FOR FUN AND PROFIT. Written around 1985, it was put up for sale on one of the bulletin boards, and created a furor. How dare I try to sell something that was not computer related? HOW DARE I.

Got more than one nerd's glasses fogged. The online community at the time was so against COMMERCIALization, they were aghast when someone tried it.

It was OK to offer software (WOW, what passed as software in the mid 80's, YIKES), AND computer parts and pieces and my partner and I did pretty well considering all the challenges.

But HOW TO START A CULT FOR FUN AND PROFIT was a big no no, and got me banned from some of the sites. Getting banned back then meant changing your user name, and I had more than a few of them handy, HA!

OK, enough with the nostalgia. I found some original notes from the mid 70's when I spent a lot of time in San Francisco studying cults. Which is where I got the idea for the booklet.

Fast forward to NOW. Colin Theriot has his Cult of Copy group with over 26,000 members and just this week started a new sub group, Cult of Copy Second Level, which has less than 200 members so far. But it is for those of you who want to start your own cult.

Or club. Or FACEBOOK GROUP. Or membership site. Or to establish your authority. Or whatever you want to think a cult is.

Just over a decade ago we bought the resell rights to Jimmy Krug's
The Secret Path: Becoming a How-To Guru/Wizard/Teacher in Your Niche

I liked Jimmy's stuff, his SIMPLE PUBLICATIONS was right up my hotsheet alley. Anyhow, as a reseller, we agreed not to give it away, but to sell if for a minimum of 8 bux.

It is a very good report. And I'm using it in my Copywriting Course.

So here is the deal. You can get the report for 10 bux. AND, along with it, a consult with me to help you define your AVATAR or as The Secret Path calls it, The Guru Wizard Template. Adopt one of these as your avatar, soar to new heights with followers.

Today, we call them influencers. Or leaders. Or Gurus (still, albeit often with a disparaging tone), but if you want to accelerate your money making efforts, you might want to consider running your own: blog, group, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blah, blah, blah thing.

And this work, somewhat dated but still an excellent overview of HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN CULT FOR FUN AND PROFIT.

This is the only promotion I'll do for it. 10 bux. Via Paypal or Facebook Messenger. And you get the report and a consult.

Funny thing. In 1985, in addition to my personal cult research, I borrowed a lot from an old book from the 30's about starting a CLUB for fun and profit, and now, some 75 years later, guys at Facebook are teaching people how to profit from being a club (cult) leader/influencer.

What goes around comes around is true in marketing too.

Ten bux. Great report. Consult. gjabiz@yahoo.com or Facebook messenger, at Gordon Jay Alexander facebook page.

Do it now, before you forget.


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