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February 4, 2020, 11:52 AM
Thanks Dien,

Joe told me that in his Recent Experiences.

The Pace of Change is SO FAST. He can No Longer Repeat The Same Wildly Successful Promotion. 30 days and The Same offer BOMBS.

Joe's Marketing Experience Says if you don't do a Project - Jiffy Quick.

FAILURE is Guaranteed.

Because the Issue or the Problem that your S*ales letter or Seminar Solves.



Or is no longer Considered URGENT by your B*uyers.

So Those who Don't DO IT NOW.


100% no shot at Success.

DOOMED in The Starting Gate.


As copywriters, we were taught to CREATE urgency, albeit, today most of it feels faked or disingenuous...we still see the countdown timer, the must order by such and such a date...all that.

And I think Joe Sugarman is right about a % of the market where the URGENCY may pass, and do so at breakneck speed.

So, if we look at traditional markets, the coveted TV crowd of 18 to 49, which is still a standard of measurement for many an advertiser...what would be urgent to them? Age is, now, or may be a poor way to segment a list unless more data is known.

One of the REASONS I like Hotsheets is because they expire, they have a natural, built in sense of urgency about them. The event comes, then goes. You snooze you lose.

Unlike the IM guru, whose crap you can buy a month later at a deep discount on ebay, who sells overpriced junk, but within a time limit...

a HOTSHEET, which must be consumed, or like milk in the fridge, after a couple of months, has to be tossed out.

Anyhow, back on point >>>>>>>>>

with New tech coming at us daily, it is hard to keep up, which is why I don't even try, in fact, going backwards with less and less tech in my life.

But a sense of URGENCY seems to come at us when we have a health problem, family crisis, accident, etc. but we don't see it in goal setting and getting on with life.

The ol' Round tuit is sitting on the corner of the desk, and meantime, back at the ranch, the coyotes are in the chicken coop.


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