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March 12, 2020, 12:15 PM
A blip.

A created HOAX, sez the far right.

The SKY is falling says WHO?

It takes a dive in the market to get our real attention. And now we have the dive.

Bears are in the market. Bulls are lying down.
Guns and bullets flying off the shelves.

Tomorrow I'm attending TWO webinars, on basically, how to cash in. Don't think I'll learn anything new, been down this road a few times.

Reviewing some of the advice from Y2K, my opinion hasn't changed....BE prepared.

IF I come across something interesting or new, or some pithy advice, or some real world how to prosper during hard times I will happily share them.

Food, water, clothing. Shelter. Toilet Paper, etc., etc. ya know, the essentials.

Opportunist? Hard not to be when panic is on the Street.


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