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May 14, 2021, 08:43 AM
Thanks Glenn,

The bigger story is, how cyber secure are corporations providing necessary goods and services? Looks like an opportunity for cyber security, maybe, heck, one of the providers could turn out to be the hacker???

No, don't follow much news, just a trip around the city... but for sures, the "news" is run by morons...

always has been.


P.S. Or as former head moron Roger Ailes would put it;

"Give me a little twirl darling."

Hoooo Gordon,

BEFORE the Gas Pipeline got hacked
there was NOBODY at all at the Gas Pumps where I go for gas.


The Universe is trying to EVEN things out.

I pulled in.

10 cars gassing but ONE Pump empty.

Got 10 bucks of gas. 3 whole gallons.

Drove out.

No fuss no muss.


You must be Listening to the NEWS.

The News Reporting morons wouldn't know a POSITIVE ENERGY Story If it fell on their heads.


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