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May 13, 2021, 09:47 AM
Locally, it feels like the great toilet paper rush of 2020...panic buying? Or getting ahead of the crisis?

The Colonial Pipeline crisis shows us once again how oil dependent we are, and how short the fuse on many a citizen these days.

Well, my radar sez: another hot summer, hot as in anger, frustration and all things not so good.

The good? June is seeing a lot of restrictions lifted. Locally, that means businesses can try to cash in on some of that pent up energy, IF, they know how to get customers in their doors. Thank goodness, that is what I'm doing.

Helping businesses get customers.

What a swell guy I am. And how sweet they thank me with cold hard casheroo too. Nice for me, I can walk to almost all businesses I deal with, but if needed, I can always get me one of them there lectric scooters the kids ride about. Zip here, zip there, pickin up the dough everywhere.

There is a lot of doom, gloom, anger, hostility, conspiracy, gov't intervention, personal meddling, righteous yelling and screaming...and I just fly above the fray and below the radar, collecting dough to buy my donuts and coffee watching the world fall apart (although it has been for several centuries now).

If I need gas, I'll eat some chili.

How is the gas situation in your area?


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