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May 19, 2021, 08:36 AM
New course? Everything I know condensed into the following five lessons:

1) Other people. Their preoccupations; how to know, understand and then break their preoccupation and plant your ideas directly into their minds.


In the first lesson, I talk about other people...who they are, what you get from them, what you want from them and what you GIVE TO THEM.

I've created several works over the years around influence, and breaking OP Preoccupations; referred to the SQ1, The Maslow Pyramid, The FORBIDDEN KEYS, the Elmers, the Metaphysicians, etc., etc.

IF you are selling anything, if you are trying to get others to do something, if you are in any way attempting to influence...JOB ONE is to shatter their self preoccupation, then resonate with them. Do this, and sales come easily, you win friends and influence them, you can lead or just enjoy their company.

So, lesson ONE takes a long look at other people and HOW your knowledge, understanding and experience can be used to help them help you get what you want...in a nutshell: SYNCH.



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