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May 19, 2021, 07:45 PM
Toss out sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists and that leaves most of us with some, a little or a lot of insecurity.

Then, we go through school; get grades, tested, ranked and compared and all but a few fall short of someone else.

THEN, we enter the world, where we have been mostly trained to follow orders, follow the rules, stay in line, do what is the best interest of society...or whatever BS we carry away from all of our education (hmm, indoctrination?) and learning.

NOW toss in the advertisers; who tell us we need makeup, a full head of hair, a slim waist, pouty lips, etc., etc and toss in some Kardashian millionaires and who doesn't feel a little underachieved?

But our experiences, and this includes the negative ones: criticisms, judgements, evaluations and swiping left, or getting left behind in many cases...

And Oy Vey, we feel like the mirror is from the funhouse...only not so fun.

So, we oft forget, that what we have experienced might be helpful for others, maybe millions of others having a similar crisis of confidence.

Now I first said that many moons ago, and the first time was with a golf student. I said it because it was true. At that time, ALL golfers were taught the same way, the so-called PGA or Ben Hogan/Jack Nicklaus way...what the pros did. In some instances it makes sense to try to follow what professionals do, in SOME instances.

But not with a complicated athletic move like a golf swing. There had to be something different and in the early 80's, I met golfer Moe Norman in Toronto, CA, who had the most gawd awful swing anyone has ever seen...except he may have been one of the greatest ball strikers in the world.

Had he not suffered from a social anxiety disorder, he would have been top of the leader board on the PGA circuit. Well. I was already a Lee Trevino fan, and had adapted my golf swing to somewhat match his, which was way different from the typical PGA swing. And then lightening struck, literally, at the 1975 Western Open and four golfers were hit: Trevino, Jerry Heard, Bobby Nichols and Tony Jacklin.

Sorry about all the backstory, I'm getting there...

So Moe Norman had a funny looking swing, and later Jerry Heard, who was featured at SCI golf division, and wrote a book and millions of dollars were made in that golf division all wrapped around Jerry's NEW type of swing. The Jerry Heard SUPER swing. a variation of that, Trevino and Norman swings, called the J-swing, I had been teaching for over a decade, even had SCI execs as students...

And one of them said something about how or why the other pros in the area didn't have the roster I did, I simply said: "I have no competition."

Today, alternative PGA swings are commonplace, although it is still the de facto swing taught to beginning golfers and it costs them about 5 years of time, when they could have reached the same level in one using the J-Swing.

Wrapping this up>>>> maybe>>>

In almost everything, there is THE WAY, take copywriting which promotes old dead guys as having cracked the code to writing copy, when a student of history knows that TIMING had as much to do with a lot of their success as anything.

But those who sell copy writing, and since it has become a Biz-Op, one can spend thousands of dollars learning HOW, how the guys who sold millions of dollars of investment newsletters did it and how YOU can do it too.

It is the same for all business ventures, HERE is how you do THAT...and so many people just accept it as gospel, BECAUSE...they were trained to accept authority; early youth adults, teachers, preachers and others who serve the system of mediocrity.

Only people who drive me away are; authorities who KNOW the truth about our reasons for being here AND compulsive talkers, who drone on endlessly and can't NOT talk. At least with compulsive writers, we can always leave (bye bye) and do something else.

What I do, or try to do is to show people they have value, I call it stored value in their brains, life experiences and uniqueness and if they so desire, I can help them take that stored value into the marketplace and convert it into cold hard moolah, BECAUSE they have no competition either.

What the hey, did I just give lesson 5 away? Naw, just scratched the surface and like the SQ1, every person's worksheets will be different.

Recognizing our brainwashing is the first step to overcoming it.


Hi Gordon,

I think for me - and I may be different from other people - the one that interests me the most is number 5...

As far as I can tell, this is pretty unique to you...

I remember you once posted - "I have NO competition"...

As far as I know, nobody talks about that - but you!

Best wishes,


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