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July 12, 2021, 02:07 PM
T A R G E T E D prospecting. Don't sell a box of beef to a vegan. And that is akin to what some of you are trying to do. Here is a step by step process.

1. Read about the opportunity
2. Using the Pictogrigm of Persuasion, put your ideal customer in the circle
3. Write down everything you think you know about the TARGET
4. Identify the ideal INTERSECTION where your promotion (ad) meets them
5. What is their primary preoccupation as it relates to your business-ideas
6. What power words or phrases might most appeal to them
7. Tell them quick and tell them true, or my love to hell with you
8. ASK for the response, think STIMULUS the whole way, you are creating a specific stimulus to evoke (emotion) a response you want
9. What are the numbers: costs and income
10. Ask Gordon Jay Alexander and his team for guidance. Best thing you do.

Every biz-op and money making opportunity in this HOTSHEET can be analyzed through the 10 steps above.

Still true in 2021.


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