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July 12, 2021, 01:49 PM
5 and a half years ago, I wrote:

Chaos, calamity and confusion. In other words, the next four years, even if Trump only lasts one or two. There will be mounting uncertainty. Let's celebrate.

Protests in the streets. Confrontations between white and black groups. Riots in the coming summer. Gun sales booming. Tee shirts sold by the millions and as I wrote in the Fly Low Collect the Dough UPDATE HOTLINE Episode 13, get your cartoons and slogans on a shirt today.

Would you agree, especially after Jan. 6, at the Capitol there WAS chaos, calamity and confusion? I give myself an A for that one.

Protests in the streets? CHECK.
Confrontations? CHECK.
Gun sales? CHECK.
Riots? check, a small check they were not as bad as I thought they could have been, although that is an easy chair viewpoint.

T.shirts? Political art work? Like never before, so CHECK.

But now what? What does the seer of the crooked river see?

How does the Nostradamus of Nottingham St. (my childhood home) predict the future today?

A. More of the same.

B. A lot of different things.

Sheesh, what a copout, sounds like a tarot card reader at the county fair, or a Northeast Ohio weatherman, partly cloudy with a chance of rain (and that forecast is accurate about 350 days a year in NEO).

I think the next four years will see a rise in Worldly disorder, as much as our last 5 were mostly American focused, the world stage will once again, er, take the stage.

But as I did 5 years ago, 10, 20 and even 30 years ago, I also predict bright futures for those who

know what they want
take action to get it
adjust as they go along
stay with it until they get it...

The other stuff could be just the fray of human nature or distraction from fulfilling a bigger purpose you know you have, but haven't yet pursued it.

Reviewing the episodes from my FLY LOW AND COLLECT THE DOUGH UPDATE HOTLINE, I see a lot of gold nuggets, which have withstood the test of time.

Now, back to my crystal ball (aka Netflix).


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