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August 14, 2021, 01:47 PM

I posted this link yesterday, and Steve has already gotten some contacts, but there seems to be some confusion.

Advertising in mail boxes; ValPak, CouponConnection, Town Crier, 9x12 coupons and all the other ADVERTISING that lands in a mail box are OFFERS, mostly with time limits, which makes the "coupon" more valuable.

But it is ADVERTISING. And the people who sell the ads on these direct response vehicles, whatever form they take, are SELLING ADVERTISING.

DISTRIBUTION of business cards does not compete, it is an entirely different thing. When a Realtor has an Open House, he has a pile of cards on the table for people to take, savvy ones spend some time in the neighborhood handing out BUSINESS CARDS to neighbors.

The Realtor doesn't have an offer which expires, it isn't a time limited coupon, it is a way to be remembered for when their services might be needed; although she could put special something on the back of the card to get some quicker action.

Selling ADVERTISING is a grind, or can be. Being rejected, some saying they have done it with out success, all those ways of getting an OFFER in the mailbox have been around forever. And the pages and coupons are dwindling down and will soon disappear.

DISTRIBUTION of business cards is something different, if any of you can not see that, or don't get it, this business is probably not for you.

Steve has DISTRIBUTED tens of thousands of business cards through his Business Card Connections, but he hasn't sold any ADVERTISING to anyone.

See, he knows the difference, he still sells ADVERTISING on his menu boards and some other types of programs, where he continues to slug and slog it out with SELLING, and getting people to be available and all that...but it is also the reason he has pivoted toward DISTRIBUTION, and yes, even some of his former advertising customers don't get it, only because they want to run ads...and having an offer on one of these cards can be effective, it is better suited to the many people who want to get known.

Any questions?


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