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September 9, 2021, 09:09 AM
Gordon, sounds AWESOME!

Always exciting stuff happening here, if I do say so myself... ;)

Best wishes!


I am NOT a big city person, but this latest trip really reinforced that, in fact, the NEW Cuyahoga Falls is starting to look overcrowded to me, may have to pull a Glenn Osborn and chop some trees down and build a solar powered log cabin down at Walden Pond.

Anyhow, what I did find out about DEAL making, there really isn't much need, desire or want to have face to face meetings these days. REMOTE works, so why bother unless it is a deal you can't refuse?

The rains came a day later and we missed that, thank goodness, but if I never make it back to NY or the East Coast in general, it won't create any qualms in my life.

This past couple of weeks Harvey has been on vacation, he's back now and we'll be skyping soon, in the meantime, I reviewed the many hours of recordings I made over a decade ago, and still was amazed at how much useful and practical information he gave me to way back then.

Even though the Ben/Harvey project was eventually squashed, and I was very disappointed, what came out of it for me was a total change of direction and an increased independence, never wanting to have the rug pulled out from me again, and in the last decade, it hasn't been.

Anyhow, hopefully this Fall of 2021 will see some new info from Harvey which makes us all better Entrepreneurs.


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