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Dien Rice
September 19, 2021, 12:43 AM
Hi Gordon,

I thought I'd share one thing I learned... about reaching your goals...

He once told me, "know the map, not the route"...

Here's an example...

Let's say you want to go from the Sydney central business district, to what they call the Lower North Shore... (in Sydney, Australia).

There's a harbor in-between... so you'd have to take a boat...

Except... That's why they built the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1932.

You can drive from one to the other using the Sydney Harbour Bridge...

But let's say that, for some reason, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is closed.

If you only know "the route" - you're screwed!

But if you know "the map"... You'll know there is a second way to travel from one to the other, which is using the Sydney Harbour Tunnel (opened in 1992), which goes under the harbor!

Here's a map of the two routes...


Sydney central business district is at the bottom, and the Lower North Shore is at the top...

So, just knowing one route is not enough... You gotta know the map!

Best wishes,


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