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Millard Grubb
January 13, 2022, 05:02 PM
One of Glenn Osborn"s posts reminded me of some high impact or what I call "Ambush Marketing." (I wrote a report on this type of marketing a few years ago.)

Remembering this type of marketing (think dollar bill letter) caused me to run out and buy a giant bag of small candy bars. I then bought a small glass container.

I filled up the container with the small candy bars and hopped in my car.

It had been months since I did some work for a local educational institution and decided to drop by and gift them with the candy. (BTW, I think Glenn has a special report that goes into this in more detail... I have not read it, but have used "High Impact" methods for years to get attention, whether to book shows or land a business consulting client.

When I showed up and hand-delivered the candy, the secretary almost swooned over me. :)

She said thanks Mr. Grubb promptly placed the container on her desk for everyone.

Do you think I will get a call when they need some help that I can provide?

Chances are they will.

Next time, I am going to deliver some boxed chocolates.

I'll keep everyone informed as to what happens. :)

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