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January 17, 2022, 11:04 PM
Thanks Dien,

I'm consulting with a man who has his eye on a couple of hundred acres in the area, because he can afford it...and is getting wide input on ideas.

This gig is great for me, just throwing some researched ideas his way. I've pitched a POD style and TINY house resort...

One piece of land is almost 50 acres with several outbuildings, it was once a machine shop type business, but most of the acreage is either farm or woods.

Put PODS, and common areas, aka like at a gym (I use the Falls Natatorium as a reference point)...and have activities...but this, is even better. A library, of odd, unusual, different types of books, and some regular old books too...on a working farm/ construction site of the building of small houses.

He actually likes the TINY house part of my ideas so far, but is this the highest and best use, and most profitable use of the land?

I don't know (or care, I'm paid no matter what he does), BUT, IT WOULD be neat to have a retreat for the reader, since we already have them for hunters, outdoorspeople, relaxation, rehab of all kinds, pampering our bodies...

How about a retreat to pamper our minds WITHOUT some guru or dogma, or someone giving us the secrets to OUR realization.

Anyhow, his other land interest is in a 275 acre private small game reserve used for hunting previously, two nice ponds, and almost all wooded. Gee, wish I could NOT develop this land (my choice if I could afford to buy it)...although a few dozen tiny homes scattered around might make for a future of tomorrow city, eh?

Well, buried in a foot of snow from last night, I woke up and my thought was

the best reason for getting out of bed today
to be able to take a nap on the couch...

And a good book would have been a nice aid.


If you're an unsatisfied bookaholic - a book-lover -

myself, this hotel sounds like heaven...

It's in Japan. It's a "capsule" hotel, which means you essentially just get a bed to sleep in...

But, the bed has enough room and good lighting, so you can curl up with a good book to read...

The other part is, it's a "book and bed" hotel!

Which means, the rest of the hotel is filled with bookshelves full of books... You can take any of them to read with you anywhere in the hotel, either in the various lounges in the hotel, or even in your bed...


One comment is that bookaholics in this hotel don't get much time to sleep - they're too busy staying up late to read as many books as they can!

The only issue - for me - is their books seem to be in Japanese, not in English!

But what an awesome concept...


We book a night in a bookshelf at Book and Bed in Shinjuku

Best wishes!


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