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January 18, 2022, 02:30 PM
Tony Robbins. 100 million dollar a year marketer.

Having a big event at the end of Jan.

Here is my advice for those who want to learn the HOW of Internet Marketing.

Go to youtube and search for Tony. Watch his intro. Go the signup sheet, see an upsell, a downsell, offers for the inner circle...get on the list,

save his emails into a new folder, join the facebook group. Watch Tony and his gang pull in MILLIONS in the next couple of months.

When you see the YouTube video, and his "sad sack-OH my" routine, know that was practiced, rehearsed, the script and web site written by the highest paid copywriters and marketers in the world.

I printed out every page of his site, saved all the videos. Now, maybe, I'll have two people join his behind the scenes offer, and a couple to get the downsell. Why?
Believe you me, when all is said and done these funnels will generate millions of dollars.

Now sure, he has the money to spend. But think smaller, think of the PROCESS, the procedures...the short video full of RASPPORT...

The landing/video page, then the offers, he lets you spend money right now, 197 or 47 BRILLIANT.

He set up a special FACEBOOK group, and using hidden persuaders, it is really trying to get to spend the 197 now. Last year, he had 800,000 people attend his event.

I'd bet he gets a million this year. Think he will make any money in 2022 off that list, even the freebies folk?

Anyhow, here is a Master Marketer. See what he is doing. Save the scripts, the sales pages, the layout, the colors, the fonts...join, watch...see what happens.

And by mid Feb. you will have rec'd a world class education in marketing and sales by one of the best there is.

OH, if want, join his group for 197, see how soon the 25,000 island adventure lands in your email.

Great opportunity to study, learn and then apply from a legend.


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