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Dien Rice
May 13, 2022, 07:31 PM
Hi Gordon,

I've tried multiple approaches... Bought ebooks from various people on this topic, so I can improve my skills...

The specific product I'm selling with these cold emails are domain names...

I register domain names... then look for a potential buyer! (Actually, I always have potential buyers in mind before I buy...)

I've sold around $5,600 worth of domain names so far... but for most of those, the buyer found me. Only about $600 of that was from my outbound cold emails... (But I haven't sent out that many...)

I find it much easier to write a "let's collaborate together" email - I've been doing those for decades! (Including back when I was in the ivory tower of academia...)

But I found that writing a "buy this from me, then you'll never hear from me again" email harder to write! (A lot of it is psychological... I'm really a people pleaser... :) )

What I've become comfortable with are variations on using something funny, or cute, or flattering, to open the door initially...

I've made two sales this way...

In one, I sent one email, and the person bought immediately!

In the other, I sent an email... then another... then another... All were very funny, and/or flattering, and always very friendly... In the end, I sent six emails over about 10 weeks! (There was no response, but I could tell that the emails were being opened and read... The fact they kept on opening my emails, even after I had sent several of them, I interpreted as a good sign...)

But, after sending six emails over 10 weeks... I gave up...

Then, about four months after I sent the last email... the buyer finally bought! I've had a look, and they've since turned the domain name into a very nice website (an improvement over their old website)... Which also gives me a feeling of satisfaction... :)

It's clear... you need patience in this game...

These are different from many other sales emails, because, for each email...

- I only have one product, that is, one domain name to sell... Once it's gone, it's gone..

- I have to tie the domain name specifically to the buyer, and why it is a good idea for them to get it...

My best sale so far (though not via cold email) was a domain name I've sold for just under $5,000, though over a one-year monthly payment plan... They've made 3 payments so far, and it's still ongoing... (I didn't count the unpaid amounts in my sales figure above, only the amounts already paid...)

Best wishes!


My toddler is a joyful bundle of energy, which has tired me out.

Dear Dien, we've never met, yet we share the joys of having a toddler in our homes, as fun and joyrul as they are, mine can be exhausting.

ETC, etc.

A fast way to RESONATE with your target, is to know as much as you can about their business, and focus your opening on common problems.

Is the business young, a start-up, established, how many employees and how long has it existed...all information mostly available with a few clicks these days.

The CONNECTION, or brick though the bubble, is probably the most important thing, to get as quick rapport as you can.

The shotgun approach you mention can be effective in general markets, but if your proposal is personal, SEEMINGLY customized for that business, you get a much higher chance of making a mutually beneficial connection.




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