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July 4, 2022, 02:19 PM
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Now, some discussion.

Jimmy Krug wrote, what I consider to be, a very good TEMPLATE for a report. It is relatively brief, has a lot of graphics to break up pages, is well organized and nicely written. If for no other reason, if you bought it and wondered what to do with it, then use it as an example of what a nice looking electronic product looks like, OK?

We start with the Wizard of Oz, Professor Marvel, the man behind the curtain.
To quote from the work:

They’ll seek the help and guidance of, “The Wizard.”
In the story “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,” it turned out that the Wizard wasn’t very magical at all – but rather, a very ordinary man.

In other ways, though, he wasn’t ordinary at all. That’s because he really did know something that Dorothy and her friends had no idea of. He knew the answers to their questions, problems and dilemmas were within their reach the entire time.

The answers and solutions they were seeking were actually inside them. They didn’t need the “magic” of a Wizard after all.

As Krug states, today there is NO shortage of wizards, gurus and marketers, all living behind the curtain of the Internet.

I think the ebook really takes off in the section, HOW TO BECOME A "HOW-TO " GURU...

and he gives us several avatars to consider:

Homespun Wisdom (I use it sometimes)
Intellectual. Dr. Dien Rice, a Ph.D. in physics, hard to get more intellectual than that, eh?
Wealthy Mentor. Harvey Brody springs to mind.
The mystic. Also one which I have and use.

I'll add on to this in the next day or so, to go over some important and practical uses of this SECRET PATH work.


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