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September 1, 2022, 01:31 PM

The Maestro of EDDM, the Prince of Postcard printing, the one and only Steve DiMarco has agreed to co-author a new report on BUSINESS CARD CONNECTIONS.

In the last two years, Steve has mailed tens of thousands of business cards out, using EDDM and finally, just today, has agreed to share his strategies which have earned him steady income by providing a valuable DISTRIBUTION service to small business who have cards.

But the business card is dead? Innit?

Well, not according to:


And https://bit.ly/3TyGpa2

Which says there are 27 MILLION BIZ cards printed every day,

Today the QR code is making a comeback on the cards too.

But having a business card may be one of the first things a new or expanding business might invest in, it turns out, most of the box of new cards sits in a desk drawer...collecting dust.

IT IS DISTRIBUTION which matters.

And Steve has figured out how to distribute local business cards to local customers via the USPS EDDM program.

You can visit his website; www.businesscardconnections.com and that will give you some ideas....

But the REPORT is going to be sensational (after all, I'm writing it)...well, Steve and I have collaborated in the past, we did the ABSENTEE CASH COW together too.

This new BUSINESS CARD PROFITS report will be ready for you in early October. If you have questions, please send them to me at gjabiz@yahoo.com and I'll get Steve to answer them and put them in the report.

Very exciting to have the opportunity to once again work with someone in the field, actually DOING it, and not some guy just writing or talking about it (like me). Although BUSINESS CARD CONNECTIONS is only a part of his printing empire, it is one of the more exciting TO ME, opportunities out there.

I've always said, if you can help local business bring in more customers, you have a steady stream of profits to count on.

So, make sure I ask all the right questions...by asking them to me, and I'll get the answer straight from the man himself, fair enough?



Also note, on his site, you will see his local cards, but also one he did in Philadephia, proving the concept could be done remotely, now he is gearing up to go all over the States. That alone, eliminates calling on or going into a business to sell. He can now sell the cards by modern INTERNET MARKETING concepts. I think he is going to get big quick, IF he wants to.

Although I've known Steve for a long time, more than likely, he'll only do a few remotely and concentrate locally. Maybe YOU could do it in your area? (When you are not chattleing, cleaning headlights or... or creating information products).

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