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September 12, 2022, 06:57 PM
Hey Gang..
On and off browser of the forum over the years. After a loooong stint of not looking at the forum, it popped in my head to check it out. So here I am.
I remember years back some of you peeps were talking about a updated course dedicated to Harvey Brody’s teaching of ‘Toll Booth/Positions’.
Did anything ever come to fruition with this?

Both Dien Rice and myself have had the good fortune to have had Harvey as a friend and mentor and between us, he's shared countless hours, most of it we have on audio...however, it was never intended for public consumption.

But, we are hardly the only ones Harvey has helped over the years, the late Bob Blagg wrote, what I consider to be, one of the best follow up courses to the Toll Position concept. I know Harvey has conferred with people around the world: Japan, Germany, Nigeria and many other places. He has students around the globe.

It is just my OPINION, that any new course coming from Harvey's camp, will maybe, possibly...could be a legacy project for his grandsons' to take on.

Just recently, he has been involved in staggering money making opportunities and I really think he has too much fun doing what he loves...and the idea of taking on a project he has already done, and done well...it might leave him a bit ambivalent about it. I could be wrong of course.

No one, that I have come across, operates Toll Positions quite like him, and that being said, I see a lot of toll positions which can be tweaked and done in a way which suits you.

We've had ample discussions here over the last 20 years, and are always ready to welcome new ideas on the subject.

It is, again, ONLY my opinion, that Harvey has given us enough information to use, to apply and to work on without the need for any further courses...and I dare say, some of his modern techniques and methods are just too far advanced for most SowPubbers, let alone the rest of the IM world.

Thanks for asking, and my long winded answer, Yes he has provided select people with advanced knowledge and strategies, but NO, there hasn't been anything new for public consumption.


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