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September 13, 2022, 10:30 AM
Hey Gang...
On and off browser of the forum over the years. After a loooong stint of not looking at the forum, it popped in my head to check it out. So here I am.
I remember years back some of you peeps were talking about a updated course dedicated to Harvey Brody’s teaching of ‘Toll Booth/Positions’.
Did anything ever come to fruition with this?

A long time ago, I did the QOP, Question Oriented Person "interview", and Harvey shared a lot of his ideas in it.

I can share some of my thoughts about his teachings:

First. He is unique. I often run into problems with people when I say this, just recently I said that about a Warrior and he did not like it. Some don't believer they are unique, however much they are.

Harvey is a powerful THINKER, first, he is razor sharp with business and is able to see through all the smoke, mirrors and B.S. that gets thrown his way.

He is very good analyzing opportunities, and mainly, because he has so much experience in his areas, such as OIL, and all this viscosity, and chemical. It is his engineer background to approach things from analysis.

When presented with an opportunity, he likes to PLAN it out, and his various metaphors include the View from The Rooftop, the Pre-Flight checklist, the Flight Plan, Mapping for course corrections in the event of storms.

It is done from a seat of power, he likes to CONTROL the events to get the outcome he wants. If this isn't there in a deal brought to him, he may be less enthused to enter it.

It isn't the idea. It is the Person.

Unless it is an established product which has been under marketed, and his keen eye and world wide connections allow him to see this, whereas the day to day operator, even those maintaining success...can't or don't want to take a more global view.

When you deal with the World, and not just your country, or just USA for example, and you have a product that can be used anywhere, like his Zoom Spout Oiler, you can cross borders and still maintain your Toll Position.

Now, we don't want to forget, that his COPYRIGHTS and TRADEMARKS play keen roles in Tolls too. Dien and I both have given serious thought to our Intellectual Properties, and use Copyright notices.

There is also, a lot of cross over in owning of IP, such as copyrights, trademarks, formulas...recently we've seen multi million dollar deals struck from Musician Catalogs, an area, I believe one of his Grandsons is or was getting into. Music, photos, drawings, sketches, ART of both fine and craft works are also good Tolls to consider, if your interests go those directions.

We have always proposed Multiple Streams of Income here at SowPub, from day one, and both Dien and I adhere to that principle. Having automatic recurring income, without any additional time investment, is a good thing to have in your portfolio.

From a practical, Internet Marketing standpoint, one can start their TOLL POSITION with a simple web site, even an Automatic Product Vending site will do, and can build up, around even over any existing tolls.

And do not forget, they can be ACQUIRED too, Dien's recent bonus report for HIDDEN BUSINESS ideas was all about the acquisition of assets that way.
So, that is just some general thoughts, we both would be happy to share any non personal HB lessons that we have gotten over the years.

It all begins with a mindset and knowing what you want.

Simple to write, not so simple to actually do.


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