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November 5, 2022, 01:43 PM
Hi Gordon,
I love that photo!
Especially the "winding" path...
Even better if it had a path going around and around in a circle... :)
The next question is... HOW do you get them to look across the water, to the other side?
By the way, I have a question about your STIMULUS-RESPONSE method...
I've done background reading on this... People often talk about Pavlov's dogs. Is it related to this? Or something different?

I'm guessing it essentially means... Say or do something to get a REACTION... Any reaction is better than a blank stare, or getting ignored...
Am I on the right track? :)
P.S. The title ("You will bark like a dog...") is a reference to the original promo you wrote for what was originally called "Remote Hypnosis"... I still like that ad... It was definitely quite provocative! :)

Thanks for asking Dien.

5 stages of customer awareness, as outlined by Eugene Schwartz in his copywriting classic “Breakthrough Advertising”.
Problem Aware.
Solution Aware.
Product Aware.
Most Aware.

I think your question is probably unaware, and from MY marketing stand point, not Gene's, is they aren't worth my time. What that means to me, the effort it takes to get an unaware, in the pic a passerby of the bridge, the time is better spent on those Problem aware, on the bench, Product aware walking on the path unable to make the decision...and most aware.

Or whatever you or anyone wants to put into it, this bridge is like a canvas you paint on. And it relates to your stimulus-response, and yes, the dog thing came from the Pavlov research...woof-woof.

Say your target market is in that picture, 3, 5 or however many you want...job one is ATTENTION, on the other side of the bridge is what you need/want/desire/ache for/obsess about/can't live without, etc., etc.

The copy has to meet each one of those AVATARS at the INTERSECTION of their thoughts, and that often by location. Getting them into this picture, and the job is almost done.

Getting attention, has to be followed by keeping attention, and the ideal way is to stimulate their desire, and then the RESPONSE will be them buying the ticket across the bridge (they pay the TOLL..he.he).

If you or any member have a very specific product, or market, maybe we can take a look at what and how this bridge comes into play for that group.

Using Stimulus-Response requires a high awareness to KNOWING you are using it...you start with response and as usual, backward chain that to get the right stimulus. The end result is the best beginning point too, as seen on the POA of the SQ1 too.

At the ready, rocking away, to answer any and all questions, although, if I do start feeling better, may get up and subject myself to the outside world again, and that means YIKES from there.


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