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November 13, 2022, 10:53 AM
Not for us geezers, but if you got some time in your tank, consider this advice.

Eliminate clients.

Get rid of Customers.

Find, focus and fulfill the wants/needs of CONSUMERS.

I consume coffee daily, not as much as I used to, a cup in the morning does the trick.

I consume Almond "milk". Also, toilet paper, Netflix, shampoo, and look around the house and see what YOU consume...and see some of the most successful big huge companies on the planet; Proctor and Gamble anyone?

Back in the day, long, lone time ago, I was a supplements guy and made a lot of moolah selling them. You'll find those stories in the archives.

I wish someone would have taught me this a long time ago, and maybe they hid it in plain sight? And oddly, one of our Mentors, Harvey Brody, has been teaching it for over half a century, not via his excellent information products...but by his business.

ZOOM-SPOUT oil cans by the millions flying of shelves for over 50 years. A CONSUMABLE.

So, my first lesson to a new Entrepreneur wannabee would be: Why not start with a built in rebuy of your __________?????

Think of the razor club, selling mundane razors, a consumable, to millions of people.

Conversation invited.


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