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December 26, 2022, 03:36 PM
The offer, within 10 days, will more than likely be hosted at gumroad.com, it is a free site with easy to use, albeit basic software.

I am starting almost everyone off with the same process...YOU write the PROMOTION for your first HOTSHEET on ____________.

Whatever it is. If we haven't had contact in the past, you may get a few more questions, not for me to pry, to try to locate that stored value we want to get at.

The start may be nowhere near where the next thing takes us, but as I have written to a couple of you, we are the first few days, throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks.

Gordon fast. Speed. quick. MOVEMENT over meditation.

The reason I use and want you to use gumroad.com is...

It is basic, as simple as it gets, of all the free sites, this one frees you up from hosting, merchant accounts, and simply lets you get started selling digital products.

There are several YouTube tutorials, most around 10 minutes, and below are two of my products, for example, so you can see what the basic set up is. Of course you can make it "prettier" and all...but this is GET STARTED basic stuff. Even if you are advanced and have a web site, or blog or anything else, I still want you to use GUMROAD, it is free, if you do sell anything they take a little cut. But what is important is the PROCESS, to write a promotion create the product introduce it to the market, and get some feedback.



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