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December 27, 2022, 10:19 AM
Gumroad is deceptively simple but (at the risk of distracting people) offers subscriptions (a puzzle generator for Amazon books for instance) and also the option to set a minimum price (zero upwards) for people to pay.

It handles everything and even has a built-in affiliate program.

Don't be like a friend of mine who spent several years "perfecting" his ebook on cold sores, all the while watching the regular price for an ebook go down from $47 when he started to $7 when he finally launched.

Thanks Trevor92,

I use it for consistency, and even though some of you have your own sites, and are more than capable of creating web pages, etc. Using a FREE standard platform also gives everyone the same GO square on their playing board.

Like all free things, there are upgrades and they may come in handy down the road.

For now, WORDS, and it is the INTERSECTION for learning something about the process.

Interesting thing, there are those who have never done anything with web sites and those with the decades old experiences...PLENTY OF ROOM for us all.

I chose Gumroad because of the all in one feature, and anyone can use it to get started.


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