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Dien Rice
February 6, 2023, 10:07 PM
Hi Glenn,

First wow, thanks, awesome ideas! :)

I will send you an email... :)

Best wishes,


Thanks Dien,

Please REFER me to This Guy.
Email and name.

I will help him sell his Sheep for MORE. (Great Marketing Lesson To Put on my Ezine.)

Educating the buyer.

AND - like the Crazy Niche of Aussie SWIM CLUB MEMBERS - all Hurt Badly. All in Pain. And all swimming VS each other in a National Aussie HIDDEN Niche - I found for a Aussy Physical Therapist.

There will be an AUSSY - 4-H Club Niche.


Sheep with Nice white SIDES make great BillBoards.

"Baaa! Sale"

Out on The Sidewalk - outside a Biz

They pull in the kids who pull in their Parents.


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