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Millard Grubb
February 3, 2023, 04:48 PM

You made an interesting point. Being human.

That being said there are companies that can clone human voices.

Eleven labs does a good job of it and even allows you to pay a small fee and it will clone your voice.

Now, you combine this ability with Chat AI and you have a number of problems!

How can you tell if a voice you hear was actually created by a real person?

Imagine someone cloning someone famous?

Or on the business side... What about a radio station or internet ad service using a cloned voice and AI to do the selling on commercials? Or even do the selling on cable channel commercials? Many, many voice actors are now out of business!

Doesn't bode well.

This technology will allow those who can't read or the blind to hear a book without paying very high prices to do so, etc. There could be some benefits, although I think more problems could arise rather than benefits.


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