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Sandy at Sowpub
September 9, 2006, 11:52 AM
What does "failed" mean? At least you made the booklets. My opinion is that the booklet course is more than just creating a booklet and identifying a market. What the booklet marketing entails is knowledge of copy writing, especially when it comes to titles and having done a lot of research to find out exactly what your market wants and also researching if they want that information in the form of a booklet. Also one has to consider how it is promoted. The booklets are a "tool" and you have to find a market hungry for that tool and can see how it will benefit their business. Since Paulette was the first to promote the booklet concept it makes some sense she would be successful; it seems their was a hungry market for her product. It is likely she could do another booklet campaign and do well because she knows in depth how to find out what people want and to identify if they want a booklet and probably knows how to convince them how this booklet will work for them. Who knows? your booklets may just need a change of name and a hungry market and or a sales technique which involves how your market can use that booklet to make money.

I bought her course. Does it work? I tried but failed. I don't know how or why. That is just life. I have a Three booklets that never did well at all. "115 Marketing and Business Tips", Forging Ahead In Business" and "Seven Steps To Getting Out Of The Grip Of The IRS" Only the "115 Marketing and Business Tips did I do just as she taught. But that still did not work. I am not blaming her it is just me.:)

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