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September 10, 2006, 05:03 PM
And in those days we Didn't even have the internet But yet all kinds of Success stories!

Today... The UNKNOWN, undiscovered talent can be Anyone and
Happen Anywhere as long as we Apply our knowledge, interests
and a little Brain Power. ;)

Great little news story and Kristi Thomas just happens to be
from Akron Ohio and Mary Harris is from Medina, Ohio...

Smashed bananas and a frightened first-grader have led to
business ideas for some entrepreneurial Ohio parents who
drew inspiration from their children.

Kids spark business ideas for entrepreneurial parents

If the link to this news story expires, copy and paste "Kids
spark business ideas for entrepreneurial parents" into
Google and a syndicated publication will have the story for

And Gordon... Keep on with your Great SowPub Storytelling. :)


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