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September 10, 2006, 11:23 AM
YOU? (original post August 11, 2000 slightly edited and updated)

Good Day Mate, (I'm practicing for my trip to Australia)

Many years ago, in a city far away, called Akron, Ohio, there was a company.

Well, it's only 2 or 3 miles to downtown Akron, but it seems so distant...

The company was KRISTEE CO.

Anytime I needed some really quick cash I'd drive to KRISTEE and pick up several dozen DEFENDER OF WOMEN.

The DEFENDER OF WOMEN was a pepper spray, and I'd drive up to the University of Akron area, and in about 2 hours I'd have sold all the DEFENDERs by going door-to-door. It was pretty quick and easy money.

Made that long trip to Akron many a time.

The DEFENDER was the bread and butter of the company, but they had a "back end", a catalog that was made in the 50's (or made to look like it was from the 50's).

The catalog had mundane items, like kitchen utensils. I still use the stainless steel spatula I bought from them. They also a light operated on batteries and lots of around the home stuff. Nothing glamourous, nothing exciting.

But for over a quarter of a century, the little KRISTEE CO. chugged along. Employed maybe 10 people, more during peak times. I'd bet you a dollar most of you reading this have never heard of them...right?

I'd also bet that there are people who have heard of them...

Jim Straw, Melvin Powers, Ben Suarez and others in the Remote Direct Marketing business have heard of them. Why?

Because they are pros. And pros do their research and homework. That little one inch space ad was run in dozens of magazines year after year after year, because it worked. It pulled in enough responses and KRISTEE sold enough product to just keep on keeping on.

Many of you first time visitors say they have never heard of me. One guy a few years ago said,

"Gordon, why should I listen to what you say, I've never heard of you?"

My response? Don't.

I couldn't care less if you listen, pay attention, or fall asleep. I write, you read. Don't like what I say, quit reading. Pretty simple stuff.

Truth is there are MANY names you and most of the general population have never heard of...Runyan, Cawood, Weckesser to name a few.

Don't know them? It's OK, the PROS know who they are and what they do.

There are literally thousands of little one man operations that are actually nice small and PROFITABLE companies that have been around for years. Back in the late 70's early 80's I had a great little part-time Fun job...I was a salt.

I worked for a company that tracked lists. I'd send for information, order products, and then send all this stuff to the company. I was allowed to open and read everything, as long as I returned it to the envelope EXACTLY as I found it. Inserting a promotion is a science to direct response marketers.

Each response was keyed, by one of my "AKA's" (alson known as)
and this allowed the tracking company to see and enforce list usage.


I got stuff from companies all over that I had never heard of, and from people too trying to sell me the most outrageous things, and I was allowed to buy. FUN job. This became the FOUNDATION of my knowledge about the direct response, mailorder business. And that is how I discovered KRISTEE, right around the corner. OH, when the man passed away he left over 4 MILLION dollars to the City of Akron. His heirs had already been provided for. Not bad for a tiny little mail order business that NO one even around the corner had heard of, eh?

Fast forward to the present. There is a lot of TALENT on the Internet. Most of it we have never heard of. Most of it has yet to be discovered.

It could be YOU.

We've seen some very clever, witty, articulate and intelligent people post here. WE've seen TALENT. It is time to let your little light shine.

USE sowpub and this forum to demonstrate your talent, to let the world know you exist. WE may be just a little tiny one inch classifed ad in the great big world of the Internet, but just like that little DEFENDER OF WOMEN ad that pulled in people year after year, that is what we plan on doing here. {and have done for the past 6 years}

Dien Rice wants to shine a light on you. It may be just a small flashlight NOW, but it has Kleig light (used in movies for bright illumination) potential.

So, step right up, you are at a very safe stage to introduce yourself to the world. WE thank you and appreciate your presence.

Gordon Alexander

PS. It only takes ONE good idea acted upon to make you the star of your very own production. Give it a try.

And maybe Chattel could be your ticket to bigger and better things even.

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