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September 13, 2006, 03:40 PM

Thanks for asking about resumes.

Like Sandi suggested, a Skills resume would be best. Where you List your various Skills under certain categories, for example.

You might have a Section entitled Relevant Skills with SubCategories such as Organization. Under the Organization you would list, in more detail, the skills you have such as "organizing a team of 20 to....", "arranging for...", "seeing to the..." and so on.

Other SubCategories could include what you deem is relevant... Customer Relations, Human Resources, and so on.

Also have a Section called Education; Past Employment with very brief overviews of positions or job title and function; and Other Skills with very brife references such as Driver's License (and list the Class/Level of your license), Boat License, First Aid Cert, etc., etc.

Such resumes might only be one page long, possibly two, but, in my experience talking with employers, employers Like them because they are different to the usual plastic comb bound 20 page deal that everyone has, and give them a Consice view of your Skills. Add a Cover Letter which might mention things such as your willingness to work, how you have Never beeing charged or convicted with any crime, don't drink/smoke/etc., and so on. And it tells them almost everything they need to know in a small neat bundle.

Michael Ross

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