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Chuck Huckaby
September 14, 2006, 07:57 PM
Thanks Dien for allowing me to post this here!

As I've been writing about on my weblog, I go to a nearby prison on a regular basis to speak to a class of men about to get back on the street. Some don't even know what a cell phone is they've been in there so long.

There are new classes every few months.

These are the kind of people coming out of prison daily and living somewhere near you.

Their failure to thrive could endanger you or someone you love. Their success actually increases your safety and the quality of your community...one less person causing trouble!

Sure, they've done stupid and evil things. That's why they're there. There's no excusing it.

But now that it's time to get out, they need some help. I think they need to learn how to think like entrepreneurs not con artists!

So to help that, I'm trying to get DONATIONS of used business books shipped directly to the prison.

I've put the story of my visit today and what I'm trying to accomplish here on my weblog.




I'd like to see at least 100 paper and ink used business books "descend" on their library.

Good stuff that's at a basic level with lots of illustrations and success stories.

(They don't have computers to read ebooks unfortunately or have internet access.)

We will post updates about donations made and maybe you can even get traffic back to your website.

Would you help?

There are two ways to help... One free and the other cheap.


Would you spread the word about this opportunity to help people?

It's easy.

Vote for this blog entry at Digg

Go there, create an account or login, and "digg" the article.

Then send the link to people you think might be interested. Hopefully they'll digg it too...


Go to Amazon or your favorite online bookseller.

Find your favorite business book and send it directly to the address here...


Then leave a comment about your donation. This could cost as little as a few bucks for the book and $3.49 for postage.

If you are an author and can send your book, email me from my web page and I'll highlight your contribution.

If you are donating multiple books, email me the receipt plus your info and I'll include that in updates to the post as soon as I can.

Thank you for your assistance!

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