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September 21, 2006, 09:48 AM
Thanks Phil and Dien.

Phil, you have shown what is WRONG with society. Allow me to explain.

For some of the Newbies, I need to give a brief background. In 1992 I had the state-of-the-art golf facility in Hudson, OH. I used the same radar gun that was being used in baseball stadiums to track the speed of a pitch, to track club head speed. I had the Mitsubihi swing analyzer, a NEW computer program for analyzing a player's golf swing, a custom built computer and every gizmo and golf gadget you could think of.

And I made a ton of money selling custom fitted clubs. I had 5 PGA Professionals working for me and over 1200 students on the books ; members who routinely and regularly used the facility. Then I quit golf. Here's why:

Now this was the post Jack and pre Tiger days of golf. People weren't running to see Rod Funseth or Fred Funk play a tournament. So the USGA, in concert with the PGA and golf manufactures decided to "improve" the equipment...in my youth, a 300 yard drive was considered LONG. Today, you'll see 14 year old girls at the range smacking them that far.

And thus began the downfall of "play it as it lies" with equipment within the same standards for everyone.

Today there are clubs being used that are illegal, too much of a sweet spot, and unless you know what they are, your competitor is using a truly UNFAIR advantage, and that might be just fine for the "coywriting/marketing" crowd, but in golf, UNFAIR is, UNFAIR.

There have always been golf balls that were illegal, outside the acceptable performance levels of the USGA. Today, almost anything goes. Supposedly the COR (coefficient of restitution-or how much give, like a trampoline effect) is to be no greater than 8.30, although there are clubs on the market with an 8.60. And those who use the higher COR club, are in fact, CHEATERS.

But we've become a society of CHEATERS. Baseball records are being smashed by juiced up players. Track routinely tests, and track stars are constantly looking for ways to get around the rules.

And LAZY AZZES. My students started wanting to BUY a lower score, rather than WORK for it.

What makes Tiger Woods so great is that he was taught the game by an OLD fashioned golf purist (his dad) who made sure he understood how much PRACTICE was needed. And gave him the MENTAL skills too.

My opinion is that Phil Mickelson will NEVER win another major tournament, because he is a head case, in the league with Greg and Moe Norman. At least Moe had a mental illness. Greg was a head job, same as Mickelson is today.

Phil M. lacks the mental skills although he is one of the best players in the world.


I'd bet that 99% of 2+ handicappers couldn't tell the difference in a tuned shaft, or even understand what tuning is and what "frequency matching" is all about. I think most pros on the PGA tour don't get it either, and would rather rush into the doppler equipped booth for a shaft change, rather than get up early and try to beat Tiger Woods onto the range. They are too LAZY and want to buy a better game.

Now that is GREAT for the Marketer. Much opportunity, you can sell millions of dollars of products telling wannabe golfers how a ONE legged golfer gets so much distance with a simple and easy ONE move system...

and make a ton of money doing it...

But, that isn't for me. I made golf clubs in my basement with my dad, we got supplies from Kosar Golf, and hey, a friend has an origianl Kosar set, if you've got a couple of thousand extra bux, he might be persuaded to part with it.

Anyhow. I quit golf because I couldn't stomach the people who were playing it, and many of my students were either Entrepreneurs or Old Money...and they felt offended that they had to WORK for a better golf game. Why? Why couldn't they just buy it?

Today they can. Kinda. Sort of. You can add an extra 50-100 yards onto your drives with equipment, but the amazing stat according to the National Gof Foundation is

"The average 18-hole score for the average golfer remains at about 100, as it has for decades," (full article here:

http://www.iht.com/articles/2005/05/24/news/golf25.php )

So a golfer can BUY more distance, more accuracy, more more more of just about everything...but a better game...that you get the old fashioned way, you EARN it on the practice range.

And Chatteling is NO DIFFERENT. You don't get great deals while watching TV, unlike the Internet, which allows you to make masses amount of money for doing nothing (and I can point you to 101 promotions that say so)...
you have to WORK for it.

That is, in MY opinion, what is wrong with our society today, too many people who are on the "entitlement" track...they should get things easier, faster than their parents or grandparents who understood what Tiger's father did...

there ain't NO free lunches, despite what the copywriting genius of the day tells you. But what encourages me is to see those high school golfers up at the break of dawn (cause I am too) hitting shots into the fog covered grass and dreaming of beating Tiger...

And those emails that tell me about a good Chattel deal they got from DOING something. But the encouragement is in very small doses, sadly.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. A few Beginner's Guide to Chatteling Reports are still available. But not for long.

http://cgi.ebay.com/The-Beginners-Guide-to-Chatteling_W0QQitemZ220030388737QQihZ012QQcategory Z102485QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

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