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September 21, 2006, 11:32 AM
Gordon, I sitill think the Do What is more important than the Do. After all everyone is doing something doing something everyday.

I just read an amazing story of a Do What'r and like they say in the movies, "this is the feel good story of the year", I think this one fits that category for me and I think it would for you especially it's a golf story.

But before I go there let me just say there are plenty of known Doer's out there. Why look at George "Dubya" Bush he's a doer. It's what he's doing that many say is pointless. Take Hugo "Little Castro" Chavez, he's a doer, but what's he doing going to the UN to call Bush literally a Fart Face. That stinks doesn't it? BTW, he really did do this. (Catch his speech in spanish or the English translation but not on main stream media as most of them did not mention those particular antics).

But back to my story. Here's a doer with positive PMA who went all out to earn a buck.He jumped at the chance to make is dream a reality (http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/09/20/chasingmoney.ap/index.html).

Is This guy a doer or a doer AND A dummy? Read the story and you'll see what I mean.

But then we come to the piece de resistance. It's the Seventeen Million to One shot that happened twice.

Check out the story by Steve Rushin called Seventeen Million to One printed on (yes) Sept 11th by the Sports Illustrated magazine. If you don't have the subscription you can't read the article and I have to assume most here don't get it cus' I can't believe no one has mentioned it.

So this is the short version but I suggest you go old school an actually read the hardcopy one.

Here it is.

Superstar jock has three kids. Two of them go on to be superstar jocks as well. The other child born with a terribly disfiguring disease.Yet he becomes a holder for the placekicker on his high school football team. Later on he develops brain cancer. Later his mother has breast cancer. Even later he does the utterly unbelievable then watches his dad to the same thing on the same day within minutes of each other.

The Do pLUS The Do What equals the DREAM!

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