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September 23, 2006, 10:49 AM
The book "Influence" on the power of persuasion by Robert Cialdini points out that Toy Makers will launch a big buzz campaign leading up to the holidays as a way to boost sales in January. They get kids asking their parents to get them the toy for Christmas. The parent promises the child only to find that for one reason or another there is a shortage of that toy. This year it’s the old… our technology just can’t keep with the technology that goes into the toy ploy. Expect shortages while we continue to market the hell out of it and get your kids to beg you for one and you stampede the stores fighting each other for a rare prized doll. Then sure enough… you are one of the unlucky ones who end up empty handed. So you try to make up for it by purchasing several toys in place of the one you promised but could not deliver on. Then in January and February when toy sales are slow the stores are flooded with the prize toy and your kids say… but you promised me you’d buy me one for Christmas. And because you promised your child the toy and you want to keep your word and teach your child to keep their promises – you feel guilty and fall right into the sales trap they laid for you. Think about it.

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