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View Full Version : Find a couple 100 of these & You'll be laughing all the way to the Bank!

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September 24, 2006, 02:46 AM

Too Funny. :)

And like I posted, a Great product to Profit with and this one can Turn into a good little investment vehicle!

Now... while I was watching that video, 2 other ideas came to mind...

Would some who have no idea on the market value consider selling their purchase to a Broker/Finder?

I know they bought it for a child BUT sometimes Money Talks. :)

Next... As these Tickle Me Elmo's become way more Popular and Talked about more in the Media etc. But No product availability...

It's Time for Tickle Me Elmo...

Live Christmas shows where parents and kids go, such as daycare centres and other related High Traffic type places. Maybe $10 Bucks per family X 100 shows... Take Home Video extra!

Like you mentioned about the guy who posted the video, Add Tickle Me Elmo Video productions into the swing of things.

Some ideas may seem silly But consumers Love to buy the oddest Things. ;)


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