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View Full Version : IF you are tired of LAST Chance offers, and sick of hearing about Chatteling...DON'T

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September 28, 2006, 01:58 PM
read this post. OOPS. Too late.

First, I'm mad as HE*L...and I'll tell you why in a minute.

Secondly, I'm not trying to sell you anything, in fact it would be to my benefit if you waited because the price of the Beginner's Guide to Chatteling is going to quadruple on Oct. 8. And I'll tell you why, also in a minute.

Then, a big THANKS to Ankesh, for doing a great job as a moderator and for showing me the way to affiliate marketing.

My TEST at eBay for the Chatteling Guide concludes Sept. 30, if I bother to even post any more tests there.

Why am I mad? I bet you know; its the forum and the stalkers/stalkees? WRONG. That is water off a duck's back.

What got my goat is this: craigslistbible that I paid 49 dollars for. If it were on paper, I wouldn't even use it to wipe my AZZ with. It is hands down, in my over 20 years of online experience the worst piece of excrement anyone has ever had the balls to sell. "Gee Gordon, don't sugarcoat it any".

Selling the thing as if it were written by some guy named Adam Hunt a person named Kelly Hughes has this listed on ClickBank. It is enough for me to NOT want to even use ClickBank...although I will for the golf product.

4067 words of pure HORSE HOCKEY is what you'll find in craigslistbible. And then it dawned on me...thinking to myself:

"Gordon, this is what people are getting for the their 49 bux and you have the unmitigated audacity to be offering The Beginner's Guide to Chatteling for a mere pittance...HOW TOOPID ARE YOU?"

Apparently VERY TOOPID.

So on Oct. 8th the REVISED version will hit the market for $97.00 and that too will be way underpriced.

A NOTE to those people selling The Chattel Report: The Sprint to Freedom... please USE that title when you are selling it, that is the full name and I don't want any confusion. I will be glad to place a link in the NEW revised GUIDE to your web site so people can get The Chattel Report: The Sprint to Freedom and you might want to raise your prices in the next few weeks as chattel heats up again.

ALSO, to those same people...the Chatteling Forum is ONLY for those people who have bought either the COURSE or the GUIDE, but not The Chattel Report: The Sprint to Freedom, OK? If you have questions, email ME at gjabiz@sowpub.com

And FINALLY, some of you are privvy to my FIVE dollar Chatteling Experiment...I'll post the details at the Chatteling Forum. So far, since last Sat, when I spent 12 mins and 5 bux at a garage sale, it has grown to 39 bux and after eBay fees and shipping, I have 20 dollars left, which I'll try to GROW this weekend.

Gordon (Mad as Hepp and NOT going to take it anymore) Alexander

PS. Craigslist is a GREAT tool, but Adam Hunt (Kelly Hughes) is an even bigger TOOL (as Howard Stern might say) and should be banned from craigslist for life, in MY opinion.

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