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View Full Version : Could someone, anyone, please check out paydotcom.com to see if it is UP?

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October 7, 2006, 02:05 PM
Hi Gordon,

I was kinda Surprised when you chose www.paydotcom.com
from the list of affiliate software and other networks posted on SowPubs But I figured you just wanted to get down to some Quick and Easy business. :)

Even though www.paydotcom.com is part of the http://www.mikefilsaime.com/ company...

If you review their forum and support, unfortunately they get a Failing grade of unanswered questions, concerns of why posts sit for weeks/months waiting to get posting approval etc...

They started off with Big talk of being so much better than ClickBank but Under Deliver... in my opinion...

Here's another Option and addition to add to the Affiliate software/network list. ;)

2. How could you beat ClickBank - and all the others?

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