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October 14, 2006, 11:58 PM
Yes, Thank You all for all the help!!

There is a lot of excitement in the community about this...Don, lol, that comment does truly "cut through the clouds"! lol Good. Thanks.

So, everyone agrees that I shouldn't "push" the businesses in the direction of coupons if it's not THEIR idea??
You don't think that the community will get tired of just a bag of flyers hanging on their door every month?

One problem I'm having is this, also: As I said, I just picked up the phone & called the businesses...I spent two weeks doing that...& only got to the C's - D's!! I have a lot INTERESTED & 6-7 signed up (which tells me there's a LOT more $$$ left in that phonebook!) BUT...it takes me away from sales when I have to quit & "go show a map". Thats why it took me two weeks to get through 20 - 30 pgs in the yellow pgs. Despite having the ABILITY to make those calls - - I HATE to! lol, & I end up doing only about 2 hrs of calls per day. I thought about hiring somone to do nothing but call...what do you think?

Well, again, thank you for your ideas & opinions, it's all appreciated!:)

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