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October 14, 2006, 02:16 PM
Hi, all!

I am doing the age-old thing of passing out flyers & would value & appreciate your advice as well as any tips you might pass along.

I have just picked up the phone & called businesses & told them I am thinking of starting an "advertising flyer delivery" business & simply asked if they are interested. (I have a map made up where I show them areas in our city where the incomes are between $35,000 - $250,000.) So it is targeted to the upper income areas ONLY & I tell them this. If they are interested, I go by & show them the map. I charge $120 for the legwork to deliver 5,000 flyers/coupons (provided by them).

Now the rub, if there is any, is this:
I want home owners to be excited & think "bargains/coupons" = "money savings" when they see this bag hanging on their door, BUT...so far, the business owners almost ALL want to put a brochure or advertisement in the bag rather than a COUPON. I think that is what it will take to make our bag successful & generate excitement in our targeted market. See?
How do I get the biz owners to get this vision, & go more for coupons, vs. just an advertising flyer?

Also, a smaller question I have is, my daughter keeps telling me, Mom, people in that higher income bracket don't have to worry about saving money! I say, though that "that's how they got the money, by saving it!" Who's more right? I want your honest opinions. Thank You.

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