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October 30, 2006, 11:14 AM
Gordon J, you stated:

"Every single idea I've read about here, there and everywhere seems to gloss over the details of what you actually have to do; to make money with the "biz op".

Advertising specialties...."

Of course I gloss over it on this and other forums - The hosts are paying for the server space they let me have at no charge. I'm just being a considerate guest.

I link to my website, where I provide a lot of details. Then, I have a link with a form to complete, if the curious are interested in receiving a free, no obligation 3 1/2 pound package with the heavy details, the K & B 228-page "Best Buys" catalog with over 1500 different products, ALL at discount prices, and lots of resources - online and off.

It would cost me a lot less to put all those details in an eBook to give away or sell on eBay, but I gladly bear the expenditure of my time and capital as I believe anyone serious about the opportunity will get far more from my hands-on 3 1/2 lb. package of materials, including 5 or 6 sample products.

Sorry for the rant, but just wanted to show I don't gloss over the opportunity or the fact that it requires personal effort (work) on the part of anyone looking for a home-based business.


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