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October 29, 2006, 09:53 AM
Me rant? HA! You know I don't do that.

A little blurb about DETAILS. It is an issue with me. Those of you that were smart enough to get the Beginner's New GUIDE to Chatteling found that I have a lot to say on the subject in the "bonus" section about gurus and such.

For over a decade (on line) I've told people to complete the TRANSACTION on paper to see what any biz op would really look like.

OK, so here are a couple of examples.

Selling ADVERTISING, say, to restaurants who want to be on a Hotel guide of some sort.

Well, you do have to call upon hotels, have something to show them, get something signed, get referrals, go call upon referrals and collect the checks.

End of STORY? Hardly. NOW, you've got to go home and create or have created the actual ads.

Experienced in Photoshop or maybe even Publisher? or other graphic software, NO problem. Piece of cake. You a NEWBIE?

HOW are you going to create the ads? HOW did you create the sample ads? Is your biz-op dependent on the work of others?

In this EXAMPLE, a printer perhaps? Do you have a working relationship with the printer? Can you count on quality? Delivery on time?

OK, you've overcome this, then you have to have the things delivered.

MY POINT is this:

Every single idea I've read about here, there and everywhere seems to gloss over the details of what you actually have to do; to make money with the "biz op".

Advertising specialties. Advertising. Photos. Name it.

OF course there isn't room on anyone's forum to go into minute details of a business, but then, YOU have a blank sheet of paper in your printer; grab one, draw two circles, ONE is you the other is the person who is going to be GIVING YOU THEIR MONEY for whatever it is you do.

Then how many steps are involved in the TRANSACTION.

Absentee businesses like garage ceiling storage businesses; sounds simple...HIRE other people to do the sales, do the work, and have a trusted manager to run the show. ONCE all the details have been worked out, then it may truly be an auto pilot business.

Have you hired anyone lately? Signed any sales agreements? A lot of DETAILS went into that business BEFORE it was absentee.

Photo biz? Pets or other. You DO need a camera. Some props. A place or transportation to their place. Marketing. And a whole lot of DETAILS in between.

Deck cleaning? Need a power washer. Need to KNOW how to use it. A whole bunch of details including some good liability insurance.

YOU surely get the point. There are DETAILS to consider behind any business or money making venture, why even selling your TV on the front porch has details to it:

1) Carry TV to porch.
2) Put a FOR SALE sign on it (cardboard box and black marker)
3) Put a price on it.
4) BE there when someone knocks on your door and wants to buy it.
5) Plug it in and show that it works.
6) Haggle over price or tell them to take a hike
7) Come to an agreement
9) Help load it into car to make sure they don't drop it and break it.
10) Say THANKS and wave good buy.
8a) Give them a receipt with "AS IS" written on it and have them sign it; if you want, a detail some/most people might skip.

So even the simplest, easiest way on earth for a TRANSACTION to take place which results in PROFITS has some details to it.

And a WARNING once again to Don, Jim, Mark and Jason. THINK before you escalate, cause I'm at the delete key. Keep it civil, and your posts will remain as you post them.

THE HOLIDAYS. I just ordered my PUMPKIN roll from a lady who makes hundreds of dollars every year baking nothing but Pumpkin bread rolls with cream cheese filling, and it is to die for.

I just rec'd email from a person who's teen age daughter is taking orders for FRESH BAKED cookies for the holidays. She and her mother are good at this, and she calls upon business LEAVING a FLYER for them.

Those letters from SANTA. A lot of kids are going to be getting them.

Christmas TREE lots will spring up magically overnight after T-day.

ENTIRE industries will make their profits in the next 8 weeks (or fall short), Hickory Farms comes to mind.

So it isn't too late to come up with a PROFIT maker for the Holidays, just try to THINK through the details on paper before you get too dang excited.

BATTERIES. I know a guy who sells batteries Christmas eve day DOOR TO DOOR. He buys them "somewhere" (I don't know) but he shows up during the day and he says he puts in 12-16 hours, he and his kids, knocking on doors and selling batteries. I think he does pretty good. He shows up every year. I don't think it is a hobby.

So if YOU have any good holiday ideas, let us all know what they are, and we'll attempt to figure out the details to see if it suits us or not.


There will be some post election NEWS, traditionally this is the time of year many people will lose their jobs. The holidays are as much stressful for millions as they are joyous.

Here in Cuyahoga Falls, we're waiting for the next weather change. During the Ohio State football game, we had: snow, rain, thunderstorms, sunny skies, WIND (the worst of the weather); hail and frogs.

Well, it really didn't rain frogs, but I wouldn't have been surprised.

This morning it is beautiful blue skies (that will change) and artic chill.

Someone with a high of 78 today, tell me where you're at, please.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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