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Sandi Bowman
November 5, 2006, 05:16 PM
I see a few brief attempts at starting something that MIGHT lead to an interesting, multiple response, various facets explored type of posts like the old forum had but nothing happens.

Wonder what's causing this? Is it this grey doom and gloom appearance that's perhaps dulling our senses and putting us to sleep at the keyboard? Are we all depressed at losing what was friendly and familiar? Where has all the LIFE gone in this forum? Gosh, I sure miss it and hope it returns soon!

Don't misunderstand me, this basic forum style is okay but it is kind of a snooze job whereas the other one was lively and stimulating. Ah, bet that's it! The other one had shades of yellow...a known stimulant to the intellect and general brain function whereas blues and greys are calming and sleep-inducing. Could it be, perhaps? Hmmm...

Sandi Bowman

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