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December 10, 2006, 08:34 AM
Dear Dien,

Thanks for the question.

We have several mentors who got rich conducting Money Magnet Meetings.
Each meets regularly with a small group of UP-Beat people.

Cathy Raises Capital for Intel, Apple, Microsoft and Other Technology companies.

Gaylord raised 500 million for Norman Vincent Peale.

Walter Bought The Insurance company he worked for AFTER his Positive Thinking Action Group Began to Sell 50% of All Policies.

Ralph & Kathy Made 76 Million in MLM in 7 years. Created 100 Millionaires.


After Spending Time and Money with all of the above mentors...

We Found Some things they have in common...

#1 - They all have written goals.

#2 - Each Works Almost 100% By-Referral-Only - (Eagles flock together) Find one Positive, Enthusiastic Person and They Know Others Like Themselves.

#3 - All of them have screening Systems...

A - Walter - We've adopted Walter's Instant Handwriting System
B - Cathy - People Who Aren't Ready at Meetings - are Not invited back.
C - Gaylord - Clients, employees, suppliers Who Make NEGATIVE Comments disappear.
D - Ralph & Cathy - Focus ALL Their Time on the Positive, UP-Beat, Optimistic Prospects Who Attend Their Meetings.


Can You Attract Extra Cash to Yourself With Positive Thoughts?


I) Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul Guru) and some others have started a website: (I have their CD)


II) ONE of My Prosperity Mentors - Marilyn Jenett - has a Series of 300.00 Lessons that We've used to attract 1000's of dollars...


III) We Have Had So Much Success With Attracting Extra Gold Out of the Blue - By Focusing Thoughts...

We Put The Specific, Step by Step Details that Work BEST for us - PLUS a 365 day 100% Guarantee - on a E-book at Ebay,

"How To DO NOTHING and Make More Money."


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