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Skip Rosell
January 22, 2007, 01:27 PM
I have a person that has bought many of my reports. Now I like this guy. Not because he bought my reports but because he is the typical man in the trenches. Just trying to find a way to make some money. Heck I have even given him some of my programs for free to see him get going.

Now that is where the problem comes in. He just canít seem to get going. He has tried many different programs and none have worked for him. Why, I donít know the real answer but I can guess what the problem is.

My guess would be he has not focused on one program long enough for it to start paying off. Then just lately he sent me this email.

Beginning of email:
Skip, the other day we talked about setting me up with some links to promote. Can you still get this going for me?
SKIPPICKS: I can set it up so all you need to do is put a ' ? ' after any link to my sales pages and I will know the sale is from you
SKIPPICKS: http://makemoneyalert.com/clickbank/cbsp.htm/?JOHN
Johnís email: That would be great if you get me set up like that.
SKIPPICKS: Give me a little while to get you in the database and I will send you some links to promote
Just another couple of questions:
1. Do you have any more info or samples of the ad sheets for shopping centers?
2. I'm just about out of cash, even to buy things with. Would the chatteling program still work, because it looks like it involves buying a lot of items (a while back it wouldn't have been a problem for me)?
John (not his real name)
End of Email:

Now as you can see from the email above he talks about promoting my links, the shopping center ad sheet and Chatteling all in just this one email. I have other emails from him where he asks about many other programs.

Here is what I wrote back to him.

Donít buy any more programs. PERIOD.

John (not his real name), let me be honest with you. You need to focus on ONE business and just do it!!!!. Now that might sound hard but that is the way to start. You want to start for FREE, OK, no problem, but START.

Here is an example. I did this to test one of my reports. It worked like a charm. And it was all FREE. I made $25 bucks in a few minutes with no money what's so ever. Well maybe a buck for gas.

I when to Craigslist and looked under the free stuff section of my area. I found a printer they were given away. I went and got it. Then I when to www.freecycle.org for my area and found an old typewriter for free and went and picked it up. Now I just placed ads on Craigslist for the printer and sold it for $10 bucks. I looked on ebay under "want it now" and found a person that wanted old typewriters and sold it for $15 bucks plus shipping. $25 in less then 30 minutes with the time traveling to pick up the items.

The ideas is JUST do it. Got it? Now go get them. :)

Is this big money? No But I bet if I wanted to do this in all my free time I could get this down to a system that will produce 50 bucks an hour for me. 10 hours a week and I have 500 a week or 2,000 a month. I would have to find all the free stuff in my area. I would have to go and pick up the stuff. I would have to write ads to sell the stuff. I would have to clean some of the stuff up. I would have to research other outlets to sell my free stuff to. Maybe second hand stores or dealers. And a hundred other things I would have to do before I could make this pay off in a decent way.

Oh heck, there is just too much to do to make a lousy $50 an hour and there is some of the stuff above that I donít know how to do, so maybe this other program I read about will be easier. STOP

There is the problem, I have asked myself too many questions that I donít have all the answers for and talked myself right out of doing ANYTHING except start another program.

But what if I start with just one thing that I found for free and placed a free ad on Craigslist and sold it and made $10. This first sale will take me a lot longer then it will after I get a system in place so I will be making about $2 an hour on this first sale. Man I worked 5 hours to learn how to do this and ALL I made was $2 an hour. I can make more then that at the big MAC.

Here is the second trap. When you first start you will make a lot less then after you get it rolling. You will run into problems that have to be solved. You will have to learn some new stuff. You will spend more time then it is worth (at first) to make your first bucks. But look at what you will learn.
And not only that but the things that pop up as you are doing and learning this new business will put many more buck in your jeans. You will run across other ways to make this more profitable. You will get a system down so you will make much more then on your initial effort.

Will John (not his real name) start something and be successful and out of debt in 6 months?
Will John (not his real name) go back to trying to find an easier program and be at the same place 6 months from Now? Time will tell.

I feel a report coming on. But I will have to do a lot of research and testing. I will only make a few bucks while doing the research and testing. Oh well, when I have more questions then answers I guess I will do what I always do. JUST DO IT!!!!

By the way do you want to know Johnís real name? (insert your name here).

Disclaimer: If you are one of the 5% that "Just do it" disregard all that I said above.
Best of success,
Skip Rosell

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