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Don Alm
February 21, 2007, 11:23 AM
I've been doing my "Ad Programs" since the first year "Ronaldo the Magnificent" became Pres....when he took the country from stifling 23% interest rates (Carter and Congress were Democrats) down to "normal" rates. And the country's business people started to "breathe easier" and could "let go of some of their cash" on Ad Programs.

I usually take a month to set up a new Ad Program....getting 20 to 30 participants....creating their ads and producing the program. My Ad Programs are usually for 12 months so it is very easy to know WHEN it's time to Renew.

And "Renewals" are usually a matter of sending participants an Invoice and I then spend a few days filling in any spots not renewed.

So...during any given month...I am;
1) Renewing programs
2) Starting a new one

Some months I do nothing but renew programs. I have a "Graphics Gal" who creates all my ads....and if I need printing or laminating or collating done, I farm it out.

Makes for a pretty simple, yet lucrative business. On almost any given day, I can "take off" and go "shopping in the big city"....or go to the coast and sit on the beach....or go to my favorite fishing hole....or go "hunting for Antiques". And, almost every day I take my wife out to lunch.

No "system" is required.

Don Alm....Advertising Salesguy

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