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Dien Rice
November 12, 2007, 10:18 PM
Gmail is...

Even though some don't like the Ad format...

I use it as a Great Research tool for Niche Finding...

Great for talking to yourself. :)

Gmail is Now available to Anyone, although you can still invite yourself so you can have multiple email addresses if you like and of course to invite friends...
Hi Phil,

I also have multiple Gmail addresses. (Originally I did it by "inviting" myself, but now I think you can just sign up, I think there's a link from the main Gmail page...)

I have one Gmail account for "main" use, another for special "Google news alerts" I'm signed up for, and another for some (not all) mailing lists I'm on mainly for research purposes...

By the way, how do you use it for niche finding? Please share a few more details...! :)

Cheers :)


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